Holiday Wear - Inspiration from the 1940's

Holiday Wear - Vintage Inspiration from the 1940's & 1950's

I think so much of my love for the two decades come from styling influenced by historical events and cultural changes. 

World War II changed the world of fashion forever. In March of 1942 War Production Board issued regulation L - 85, which regulated every aspect of clothing. All stock of natural fabrics were utilized for war efforts and yardage restricting went into effect.

"Make do and mend!"

American designers created a new style of suits for women, skirts were short and straight topped by short jackets of twenty-five inches or less in length. Cardigans matched skirts and sheath evening dresses replacing the long flowing gowns of the thirties.

Just sold to miss luluparali2 who will no doubt be showing it off this Holiday season.  


American designers introduced the concept of separates and co-coordinating components in order to create the illusion of more outfits than one actually had. Classic sportswear styles took hold.



After the war, the American woman was ready for a change. In 1947, Dior introduced the New Look, featuring longer hem lengths and fuller skirts. Woman's fashion shifted to a soft, feminine and romantic image.

Many varieties of peplums were in vogue: butterfly, bustle and gathered peplums were just a few. Ruffles found their way to skirt hems, necklines and waists. Gored, gathered and A-line skirts were topped with soft, feminine blouses. Blouses donned bows at the center-front neckline and might sport full or puffy sleeves. Collars were cut generously full, in peter pan and traditional pointed shirt-collar designs. Lace also accentuated blouses around the neckline.

The Alternative Slim Silhouette of the 1950s



Austin's Vintage Glamporium

An emporium of vintage it was indeed! While the Vintage Glamporium was dominated by amazing designer fashions from the 1960's-1980's, from shops like Feathers and Laced with Romance Vintage, spectacular finds from the 1900's through the 1950's were the real highlight for me. 

I'll let you in on a great secret...amazing vintage can be found in Texas! But where to look for it? I always let history be my guide.

The wealth of vintage designer garb at the glamporium relates directly to the history of "big OIL money" in Texas. Follow the growth of big oil in Texas and it will lead you to amazing designer goods. The big money folks flocked to Dallas and Houston. And with this gusher of money came grand parties and balls, and fabulous garments to feed the growing elite. Take a looks at another glamporium headliner, Vintage Martini. Just on the outskirts of Dallas, this lovely duo finds some of the best vintage in the country. 

Early 1950's layer-cake lace party dress. Would make for a lovely blushing bride ;) Vintage Martini

Late 1950's early 1960's ballgown. Vintage Martini 

Amazing 1950's bubble gown with a super low back! Vintage Martini

What I really love are the early quality piece reflective of the roots of the "oil boom" starting in 1900 and catching speed in the 1940's and 1950's. Big oil brought tons of money into the hands of both city dwellers and country folk. The carefully picked rural country treasures are my specialty and must not be overlooked.

Take a look at some of my favorite vintage finds from the day: 

Favorite find 1940's novelty print French "Algiers". Come to me mama!

Lovely 1930's green goddess blouse. 

Simply stunning late 1940s shirtdress. 

Cuties 1930's maybe 1940's play suit with low back and Bohemian print.

Ou la la 1940's boudoir dream.

Hats circa 1913-1925 - Cloche hats. Cloche is the French word for "bell". 
A little history from FIDM's history on Cloche hats - FIDM on Cloche
Glamor Day's

Lovely yellow tiered 1950's nipped waist number.

I just love this Jr 1940's swing suit! 

Another stunning 1930's blouse...

...with amazing open back. 

Flowing 1930's floral garden dress. 

Piece de resistance 1920's golden tassels.

I believe that Vintage Martini stole the show for me...and I think most of the garments featured here can be found in their shop if not snapped-up at the show. If your just in love with one of these little numbers, email them my photo. They are the sweetest gentlemen and I am sure they will track the garment down for you. 

Here is my steal of the day...

A lovely Kamehameha NWT Dead stock two piece with bolero in a coveted pattern. I bought it for myself but it doent quite work for me. Take a swing at it!

Sorry gents, not much menswear to be found this day...take a look at what we found last week...